April 2019 Progress Update
It’s time for our monthly spending update and quarterly net worth update! Spoiler alert: the net worth update is much prettier than the spending report. We prepared this update at the beginning of May, but are just now getting around to posting it. We had a doozy of a month in April. It was pure... Read More
Financial Freedom by Grant Sabatier: A book review
This spring, we borrowed a couple of books from the library written by some big names in the financial independence / retire early (FIRE) community. Having enjoyed some of the promotional articles and interviews from Grant Sabatier, Financial Freedom was among the books we selected. Financial Freedom has an inspiring style. I haven’t listened to... Read More
Work Optional by Tanja Hester: A book review
The Vines, yes both of us, recently read Work Optional by Tanja Hester of Our Next Life. We frequently read ONL and often link to it here. We also listen to the Fairer Cents, the podcast Tanja cohosts with Kara Perez. Suffice it to say, we are fans! We share several similarities with Tanja and... Read More
Why we want to reclaim our time: A perfect day
Initially, we titled this post "the perfect day." But it occurred to us that perfect takes many shapes--depending on mood, the weather, the season, and even what we did yesterday. What makes this example the one I chose to include is that this perfect day embodies the freedom to enjoy simple pleasures on our own... Read More
Why we set career goals
Because we are aggressively pursuing financial independence and the ability to permanently quit our day jobs at relatively early ages, it might seem silly that we set goals for those day jobs. Today, we'll talk about why it's important for us to be successful in our careers and how excelling at our day jobs actually... Read More
Rightsizers, not minimalists
It’s the season for spring cleaning! Seems like it arrived late this year, but our desire to clean up, refresh, and pare down is in full swing. Like so many others, we were somewhat caught up on the movement towards a minimalist lifestyle--from selling our first home to aggressive decluttering. But we realized that we... Read More
March 2019 Progress Update
March, like February, was another relatively uneventful month for our finances. This is good. Boring months make for a nice, steady flat graph. March was a decent month in the markets, helping to boost our net worth. Our nest egg size is getting to the point where good market months can make a big difference;... Read More