An Endless Renovation
I’ve written previously about some of the changes and challenges we experienced during my two year absence from this space. Today, we will go into more detail on the life lived between posts. There were three major challenges we got through during this two year period. This article reviews the first of those; our new... Read More
Three years, 54 tasks
A little over 1001 days ago, I created this list. By my count, I completed fifty-four items from the list. Some of these items were left incomplete because life got in the way or they felt less meaningful. Sometimes, I was true to the spirit of the goal but didn’t actually accomplish it. (Looking at... Read More
February 2023 Progress Update
Rebuilding the blogging habit is full of stops and starts. Our whole life changed in 2020–including our financial numbers. We also reevaluated our goals. As a result, it has not been easy to find a new blogging rhythm. What this blog is about also feels changed. Early this year, though, we are spending time getting... Read More
Welcome Back!
When I lose a habit, do I ever lose it! The upheaval and new routines of the past couple of years completely shook my blog. It affected our early retirement plan, too. I will say, though, that our finances did not go quite so far off the rails as my writing did. Given our long... Read More
March 2021 Progress Update
During March, we continued our stay in an Airbnb. Initially, we had planned that this stay would be one month, with our planned check out date for March 21. We weren't comfortable with the renovation progress and decided to extend for another 28 nights, into mid-April. Our suite was great and we enjoyed the location.... Read More
3 Tips to Live Well in a Hotel
Traveling took on a different aspect during the pandemic. Mr. Vine’s job change also made it difficult to vacation. His job requires him to be onsite and the company is small. Time off is tough to come by. When we can get it, travel doesn’t feel as worth it as it once did.  We decided... Read More
Hacking Hotel Breakfast with a Kitchenette Suite
It is no secret that I enjoy the challenge of cooking while traveling. We save dollars and calories by opting for lodging equipped with a kitchen. This helps us feel our best when exploring new places and fuels our financial goals. During the pandemic we, like almost everyone else in the world, did not vacation... Read More
February 2021 Progress Update
We made our “big move” in February! It was a short month and jam-packed with activity for us. I started the month in a pet friendly hotel near our new house. During this time, I frequently visited the new house to monitor renovation progress, or as it turned out, the lack thereof. In any case,... Read More
Pandemic Moving: Our year-long relocation
Because my last several posts have been monthly progress updates to catch up from my hiatus, I am postponing an annual review. Instead, today’s article will include more details about our move. This relocation was highly unusual for us and somewhat unexpected. I will introduce what led to the decision to relocate and highlight the... Read More