August 2020 Progress Update
The virus and work from home continue to permeate our daily lives. Yet again, I didn’t start writing this August recap until the month was over. August felt both long and short. We’re trying to hang on every bit of summer. We’re also trying to keep our lives as normal as possible. This year has... Read More
Travel Flashback: Florence and Rome
This is Part 2 of 2 in a series recounting our first trip to Europe. We visited expat friends in Italy. You can read Part 1 here. When we weren’t at our friends’ apartment in Modena, we traveled to two other cities. At the time we bought tickets, Mr. Vine said he wanted to see... Read More
Running Toward Financial Independence
As I write this article, I am 288 days into a running streak. Since Thanksgiving 2019 (and up to this writing), I have run at least 1 mile every day. This is my longest run streak. Up to this point, I’d started and stopped various run streaks for all sorts of reasons. When I started... Read More
We booked a trip: Will we be able to take it?
I missed the usual Monday post! We were out of town for a short weekend getaway and I forgot to schedule the post before we left. A recap of that short trip will be coming soon! For this week, I’d like to share about the first big trip we’ve planned since the pandemic began in... Read More
Perfect Day: The beach in full summer
As part of the perfect day project, I like to record whenever we have an exceptionally good day. These are days that fill our souls and remind us how joyous life can be. It is our hope to recreate these days in early retirement. We often consider Perfect Days to be practicing for early retirement.... Read More
July 2020 Progress Update
I feel behind at everything right now. This blog again feels uninspired to me. But I’m determined to keep plugging away at it and chronicling our journey. With our recent job changes, it feels like we are somewhat adrift as we work towards a relocation. It is a relocation we feel somewhat conflicted about, even... Read More
Five Tips to Reduce Spending
As our financial intelligence has grown, our approach has evolved. In this article about advising my younger self and when I talked about reaching the halfway to financial independence mark, I talked about this process. Mr. Vine and I both feel a strong desire to improve. So it’s no surprise that our financial health has... Read More
June 2020 Progress Update
Half of June slipped by before I even considered checking in for an update. This month has been heavy. The fight for racial and social justice continues to dominate the headlines as I write this. The future feels so uncertain. It has been a long time since it’s been this hard to guess what my... Read More