Goal Setting: A New 101 Tasks List

My last 101 tasks list ended in June. The virus affecting the whole world also prevented a few of my goals. I took a couple of weeks before deciding to draft a new list. For me, the 101 tasks list isn’t strictly about completing as many items as possible, but rather giving me some items to work on.

This 101 tasks list feels very different. It was hard to think about where I want to be in three years. It was more difficult still to wonder what the world might look like then. Even just six months ago, the future felt more certain. So this list is more focused on discrete items. I also think the tasks are more “fun” oriented and less aimed at achieving life accomplishments. I still included some fitness items, some career items, some relationship items and some purely for personal enjoyment.

Because this list was created after the blog, you’ll be able to follow along for the entirety! Without further ado, here is my list. One week in, no items have been completed.

Feel free to share your thoughts. Have you ever made a 101 tasks list? How are you setting goals these days?

Start Date: June 23, 2020 – End Date: March 21, 2023

  1. Lose 15 pounds
  2. Be 10 lbs lighter on end date than starting weight
  3. Run a half marathon in 2 hours or less
  4. Finish gym tracking journal
  5. Complete a 365 day run streak
  6. Complete a 100-mile running month
  7. Achieve 500 move goal award
  8. 7 consecutive days of yoga
  9. 30 consecutive days of yoga
  10. 100 Push Ups Program
  11. Complete a NROL4W cycle
  12. Run a marathon
  13. Complete the Dopey Challenge
  14. Be able to do a handstand
  15. Complete a 60 minute advanced yoga class
  16. Get a skin check
  17. Finish current journal
  18. Start a new journal
  19. Make a creative journal (e.g. stickers, coloring pages, pens)
  20. In one journal, use one weekly entry to answer the 50 questions that will free your mind
  21. Maintain weekly blog posting schedule
  22. Celebrate Valentine’s Day creatively at home in 2021
  23. Celebrate Valentine’s Day creatively at home in 2022
  24. Celebrate Valentine’s Day creatively at home in 2023
  25. Celebrate milestone birthday
  26. Celebrate 2021 anniversary in a new place or with a bottle of anniversary year wine
  27. Celebrate 2022 anniversary in a new place or with a bottle of anniversary year wine
  28. Travel to one new continent
  29. Travel to one new country
  30. Travel to one new state
  31. Take a road trip (>8hrs)
  32. Travel to a destination you love
  33. Travel to an all-inclusive resort
  34. Read an anti racism book
  35. Read a book by a diverse author
  36. Read a Pulitzer prize winner
  37. Read a book from the 1001 books to read before you die list
  38. Read an autobiography
  39. Read a nonfiction book
  40. Read a book club book
  41. Attend book club
  42. Go on a picnic in wine country
  43. Go kayaking
  44. Go to a drive in movie
  45. Hang a hammock in the yard
  46. Make soap
  47. Make a new cocktail
  48. Instagram each task [0/101]
  49. Go boating
  50. Visit one new museum
  51. Buy flowers for the house
  52. Give myself a manicure
  53. Give myself a pedicure
  54. Watch sunset on the beach
  55. Learn how to rumba
  56. Make a new running playlist
  57. Write a letter to FutureMe
  58. Redesign TravelingVines.com
  59. Hike to a waterfall
  60. Write a wine review
  61. Take a new hike
  62. Go cross country skiing
  63. Make a candle
  64. Have a Harry Potter weekend
  65. Cross a major net worth milestone
  66. Annual spending at or below retirement target
  67. Find a tenant for current home
  68. Buy a house in a new city
  69. Renovate a house in that new city
  70. Keep a weekly money diary
  71. Earn a professional fellowship
  72. Celebrate one year anniversary with current company
  73. Celebrate two year anniversary with current company
  74. Increase salary by 15%
  75. Lead program kickoff for subject matter focus area
  76. Attend one continuing education seminar in 2021
  77. Attend one continuing education seminar in 2022
  78. Attend one continuing education seminar in 2023
  79. Develop a set of goals or success metrics for my professional role
  80. Prepare and deliver department presentation [August 10, 2020]
  81. Buy a pair of Birkenstocks
  82. Replace bras
  83. Replace underwear
  84. Purge at least 20 items of clothing
  85. Buy 3 new warm weather running bottoms
  86. Buy 1 new cold weather running bottom
  87. Update closet
  88. Use good china
  89. Organize under sink cabinet
  90. Repair shower faucet knob
  91. Repair medicine cabinet light switch
  92. Learn to crochet
  93. Buy or make a summer weight blanket / quilt
  94. Replace sofa
  95. Give homemade holiday gifts
  96. Make tonkotsu ramen broth
  97. Organize the kitchen
  98. Deep clean the apartment
  99. Launder comforter
  100. Make marshmallows
  101. Perfect fitted sheet folding skills

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