A real-life perfect day / The Vines see Hamilton
The title is a mischaracterization because this day felt almost perfect and our career jobs kept it from being true perfection. We frequently experience this kind of almost-perfect day. Rather than bring us down, this encourages us. We love that we haven’t let great be the enemy of perfect. We love that we aren’t letting... Read More
August 2019 Progress Update
The weeks and months fly by so quickly. Having 56 months to go before we are ready to pull the plug on our careers sounds like a lot. But then, each month when we reach the last day I think “Already? Another month is over?” Our spending had a planned spike in August with our... Read More
Why we’ve decided to pay off our mortgage early
I mentioned in prior articles that we decided to pay off our mortgage early. When we first embarked on our financial independence journey, we didn’t plan to do this. And in fact, we have not yet started making extra principal payments to accomplish this goal. I’ll get to why in a bit. But first, here... Read More
July 2019 Progress Update
This month has been full of summer fun. To free up the weekends, we’re working extra hard Monday through Friday. It’s tiring. We’re worn out. Our budget is also a bit busted from all of that summer fun, too.  This exhaustion has us thinking about whether we’re making the right choices. We are balancing a... Read More
Our Endless Summer Project: A year of chasing beaches
Now that it’s summer, we’re all about the beach. Both of us grew up near some of the most amazing beaches in the USA. We stumbled upon this article one winter day. We both thought how amazing it would be to spend a year chasing an endless summer at the best beaches all over the... Read More
Why treating weekends like vacations has not cured our Sunday Scaries
This summer, inspired by an article on Manrepeller, we decided to treat our weekends like vacations.  https://www.manrepeller.com/2019/05/curing-sunday-scaries.html At least for the summer. Or rather, like staycations. Instead of using the weekend as a time to catch up on all of the work (both paid and unpaid) that’s not getting done, we’ll simply enjoy the time.... Read More
101 tasks in 1001 days: Progress check-in
In September of 2017, I started working on a list of 101 tasks to complete in 1001 days. I’m over halfway through the allotted time, with less than one year to go. At this point, I have thought about my list and how the tasks are progressing.  The 101 in 1001 Project As a brief... Read More
June 2019 Progress Update
As of June 2019, we are 57 months from our projected early retirement. June turned out to be as busy as May, but for different reasons. One of our nephews somewhat unexpectedly came up for a week and stayed through the following weekend.  Having a teenager in the house definitely changes up our routine and... Read More