101 tasks in 1001 days: Progress check-in
In September of 2017, I started working on a list of 101 tasks to complete in 1001 days. I’m over halfway through the allotted time, with less than one year to go. At this point, I have thought about my list and how the tasks are progressing.  The 101 in 1001 Project As a brief... Read More
June 2019 Progress Update
As of June 2019, we are 57 months from our projected early retirement. June turned out to be as busy as May, but for different reasons. One of our nephews somewhat unexpectedly came up for a week and stayed through the following weekend.  Having a teenager in the house definitely changes up our routine and... Read More
Viva Las Vegas! With cost review
The decision tree for a Las Vegas vacation can be so intimidating! The possibilities are almost limitless, so we get that it can be hard to decide what to do. But, the silver lining is that Vegas has something for everyone, even if you’re not a gambler (we aren’t). This article is one part trip... Read More
Will I miss my job in early retirement?
Last week, the USA celebrated Independence Day. Since we've pursued financial independence, this holiday has different meaning. Of course we feel our regular level of patriotism, etc. But we also pause and consider what our financial independence day will feel like. We also evaluate where we are in the process. Recently, I had a long... Read More
A Minimalist Closet
Every so often, my closet overwhelms me. It is in disarray, doors and drawers won’t close, and it seems I have nothing to wear. In the past, I would often respond to this situation by buying new clothing or accessory items. Lately, I’ve taken a different approach. As part of our rightsizing and frugalizing efforts,... Read More
May 2019 Progress Update
May was one busy month! We had a lot going on, but through it all, we managed to stick fairly close to our [new] budget. We had a positive cash flow for the month, which is the goal of the new budget implemented this month. The stock market did not fare so well in May... Read More
The Vines try Whole30
We are not practicing Christians of any faith, but we decided to complete a Whole 30 during Lent this year. By way of quick introduction, the Whole 30 is a month-long elimination diet where you eat exclusively “whole” foods and cut out foods that commonly trigger inflammation or allergic reactions. This was motivated by my... Read More