Boredom and Living in the Moment
Our teenage nephew recently spent time with us. For the past couple of years, he’s been a frequent visitor during his summer vacation. Most of the time we don’t have any exciting plans and the older he gets, the less effort we make specifically to keep him occupied. He’s free to watch Netflix, chat with... Read More
Goal Setting: A New 101 Tasks List
My last 101 tasks list ended in June. The virus affecting the whole world also prevented a few of my goals. I took a couple of weeks before deciding to draft a new list. For me, the 101 tasks list isn't strictly about completing as many items as possible, but rather giving me some items... Read More
Pandemic Anniversary Celebration
With our anniversary approaching and our travel plans abandoned, our thoughts turned to how we could recognize this milestone in a safe, special and smart way. Our experiment with a reduced travel budget and my years in grad school provided helpful prior experience with this. There’s not much Mr. Vine and I haven’t been through... Read More
Eating Our Way Through Costa Rica
We’ve talked about where we stayed, how we got to Costa Rica, how we paid for the trip and how we got around once we were there. Now it’s time to share what made our vacation to Costa Rica so much fun. The activities we did and what we ate! Sometimes I talk about food... Read More
May 2020 Progress Update
This month started and ended with the pandemic still affecting our daily lives. I continued to work remotely and Mr. Vine was recently called back to work. On the first weekend of May, we had some of the best weather we’ve seen all year. We took full advantage of this by hiking a lot, including... Read More
Wanderlust During a Global Pandemic
This article describes some of the ways I’m coping with various travel restrictions in place during the pandemic in 2020. After the initial panic subsided during the pandemic this year, my wanderlust set in. Canceling our trip to Savannah scheduled to occur during the last week of May 2020 was one of the easiest, but... Read More
Adventures in car rentals: Costa Rica edition
Our Costa Rica car rental was the low point of the trip. It was also an important reminder that if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. I won’t identify the rental company we used because I do not want to give them any publicity, even of the negative kind. To... Read More
April 2020 Progress Update
What happened in April? I deviated from my normal custom of writing the monthly update in “real time.” Due to the pandemic and its attendant uncertainty, I successfully managed to avoid checking our investment balances from March 31 until April 30. I was pleasantly surprised to see that we’d picked up nice gains during April... Read More
Costa Rica: Where we stayed
During our trip to Costa Rica we stayed at two separate hotels. The main reason for this was that I booked the main hotel long before we had plane tickets. Once we reviewed our air travel options, it made sense to fly to Liberia one day earlier. By this time, the hotel was fully booked... Read More