December 2018 Update
Apologies for the delay in posting this! January was the first month where I didn't manage a single post, not even the monthly update. Of course we continued to track our spending and investment progress, but the holidays, a couple of trips, a pet health issue, and my new job (with its attendant lack of... Read More
November 2018 Update
November was another difficult month in the market. The 4th quarter has wiped out all of our gains for the year. After meeting with our financial planner, we are harvesting some capital losses to help improve our tax situation. It amazes me that our asset portfolio is getting to the point where we can make... Read More
October 2018 Progress Update
We are changing the format for updates. Instead of explaining our goal in detail each month, we'll simply post the bar graph that shows our nest egg progress to goal at the bottom of the post. In exchange for less detail on our monthly progress, we will share more narrative of what we've been up... Read More
How raw milk changed the Vines’ kitchen
This blog features a lot of food posts. Meals are the one thing I reliably photograph. I come from a line of talented home cooks, as does Mr. Vine. Over the years, we’ve continuously sought better food sources. We’re doing a great job reducing our restaurant spending and it’s largely because the food that comes... Read More
Celebrating Birthdays
I recently celebrated a birthday. This year was not a milestone number and the day fell in the middle of the week. For as long as I can remember, I’ve suffered from birthday anxiety. Even before I had a name for it. Even as a child, I think I recall feeling weird about my special... Read More
September 2018 Progress Update
In September 2018, our nest egg finished at 37.55% of goal. Our goal is a conservative 33x our current expenses, less a 0% interest car loan that will be paid off in January 2019. This goal anticipates a 3% withdrawal rate, as opposed the 4% rate cited in the Trinity Study. Our mortgage is currently... Read More
Get Moving: Why Ms. Vine is a runner
This year has been a heavy running year for me. Normally, I’m about a 5 mile per week runner. This year, I’ve already completed two half marathon distance races and 5 km race, with a couple more long races scheduled. A lot of training miles goes into completing every one of those races. When I'm... Read More