Three reasons we hired a financial planner
The words “financial advisor” are almost profanity in the FIRE community. I understand why. For years, I believed we were absolutely capable of managing our investment portfolio and getting exactly where we wanted to go without paying someone else. That actually hasn’t changed. We did not hire a financial advising firm in hopes of beating... Read More
Five tips that help economy air travel feel like first class
This post may contain affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more details. Travel upgrades are one of my favorite things. Our one experience in transatlantic business class was such a delight! But I'm also a travel cheapskate. Even when it comes to points, I choose frequency over luxury. Although first class travel is more... Read More
Why we downsized our home
The notion of frugality, or at least living below our means, wasn't exactly new to us. For example, we planned my grad school attendance to avoid taking out any additional student loans. But extreme savings and using minimalism to achieve financial independence in short order was a novel concept. When Mr. Vine and I decided... Read More
How Ms. Vine attended grad school debt free*
Our financial journey is a story of learning by doing. Early on, we made a lot of mistakes and sometimes it seemed like the good choices were purely happy accidents. But Mr. Vine and I are overthinkers. Analyzing the merits and faults of each decision has led to better and more intentional good decision-making. My... Read More